Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 94

Whew. This week is finally over. Needless to say, it's been a rough week for me, and I don't mean because it was Liefeld Week either. Although that didn't help matters any. I know I've had some health issues this week, but I didn't want that to affect my work ethic. I was really miffed at myself when I was unable to do my sketches on my respective days. I know things like this happen, but I was on such a roll with this project, and having a big bump in the road like this just affects my work. I don't feel as into it as I once was. If I don't keep up with something after a while, it's easy to lose interest in it. I don't want to be that guy anymore.

Again, I am sorry for all of those who are following this blog. I know, I know. It's not my fault, but still...I feel somewhat ashamed that you're having to put with my crappy drawing, half-heartedness, and my inability to get it on time. is sort of fitting that I do all of that on Liefeld week!

NO! No! Way too easy! I really need to cut the guy some slack. I don't dislike him or mean him any ill will. I guess it's just so much fun to lampoon his art style. I just try not to be too mean spirited about it. Lord knows I never want to be that guy.

So...that brings us to today's character. Another one from Rob's days at Marvel. Garrison Kane, another person who was in Weapon X project apparently. Not much I can say about this character, really. I was introduced to him as an action figure before I was introduced to him as a character, so what does that tell you? I know he's buddy-buddy with Cable, with them both being in the Six Pack and whatnot.

OK. That's it. I may return to this territory someday, and hopefully I'll have clean bill of health when I do...if I do. Tomorrow starts Comic Book Couples! That's a bit of a happier subject for me! Although.....I'm down to my last page in my Moleskine book!

To be continued....

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