Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 101

The last couple is a devious duo indeed. Joker and Harley Quinn. It's kind of refreshing to see even the bad guys have matter how messed up it is. Needless to say, Mr. J is, to put it lightly, unpredictable. Perhaps that what attracts Harley to him; being a former psychiatrist she's been able to look inside the human mind and help fix a problem. With the Joker, she can't seem to find what makes him tick, and it's both frightening and sexy to her. I guess working years as a criminal psychiatrist can do things to a person's ego and such. And Joker seems to like to have her around as well. Mainly just to torment and use her, but she doesn't seem to mind. All couples have issues, for sure, but these two have their own lifetime subscription.

And thus ends Couples Week. Tune in tomorrow as we take on VIDEO GAME LEGENDS!

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