Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 76


Yup, this is why I decided to go with GREEN Week: because it coincides with St. Patty's Day. So what do I do to celebrate this occasion? Draw a picture of course! But not just any picture; I have to draw something that screams Irish. Originally I was going to draw Banshee from the X-Men, drunk on Irish whiskey, wearing a leprechaun hat and singinig "Oh Danny Boy!" But I'm not one to promote stereotypes, no matter how funny they are. So I then I came across this obscure Marvel heroine named Shamrock!

Shamrock (secret identity Molly Fitzgerald) is possessed with the spirits of people were were victims of wars. Said spirits are able to manifest themselves as poltergeists and thus affect her probablity within 20 feet of her. Thus giving her the "Luck of the Irish." Yeah, perhaps it is stereotypical, now that I think about it. Then again, it's not as pejorative as my original Banshee idea. And look! I even have sitting on a pot of gold. Again, perhaps stereotypical, but it could also work considering what her powers are!

Anywho, hope you all have a safe holiday today! But GREEN week isn't over yet! Stay tuned to see what else I come up with!

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